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Our academic curriculum is enriched by the experiences and expertise that make our students acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in their vision/chosen field.



Through an atmosphere in which self-discipline, creativity, risk-taking, and human ethical standards are developed consciously through various programs.



Providing students with a close-knit educational environment to discover and know new things. This enables them to learn both inside and outside the classroom which gives them the confidence to face the world.


We are so happy with our choice to have our daughter study in a Greenwood group of schools. Diversity and inclusion are incredible, as each individual is taken care of. My daughter received a well-rounded and sound education here. If you want your child to grow and educate, the Greenwood group of schools is the place to be.

Devender Reddy

f/o Rakesh G10


Greenwood group of schools is leading and empowering students with educational opportunities. Awesome principal, awesome staff encourages students to work hard and turn their vision into reality with exceptional teaching. I would encourage parents to join your children here to see a great future.


m/o Akshitha G8


Greenwood School is located in the midst of nature’s blossom. Our Greenwood group of schools vision is “Unearthing the treasure within and adding more magic to the exciting journey of schooling. The schools philosophy will prepare students to meet the challenges of the future by instilling a desire for innovative thought and creative accomplishment.

Dr.Bharadwaja Naidu



Greenwood School is situated amid nature’s blossom surrounded by greenery. Greenwood High School was established in the year 2003 by Sri Challa Dharma Reddy and Sri Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu. Academic planning and activities shape the heart of the school. Greenwood Schools combined its visionary thinking with a successful academic curriculum. It’s a value-added place for your children and the records of the graduates bear witness to it.


CBSE class averages have been between 85-90%


at least 35% of students scoring in 90%+


Extra Curricular Activities

Our students are the champions. We at Greenwood High School provide sports and other activities, instill in them the true spirit of sports. We as a staff are also committed to provide necessary tools that they need to grow academically, physically and professionally. We help them to participate in competitions inside and offer possibilities to participate in state and national level competitions. This in turn makes them strong and imbibe leadership skills.